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Offering A Unique Shopping Experience For Custom-Fit Garments

heijne heijne
Wendy Heijne Founder / Studio Heijne

“With SEEBA´s help we went from an idea to a fast growing start-up. The strategic and hands-on support that we have received helped us accelerate our growth and reach our goals.”

Wendy Heijne Founder / Studio Heijne studioheijne.com


Studio Heijne is a story created by Wendy Heijne, a Swedish designer who believes that size shouldn’t have standards and that fashion is meant to be personalized by each individual. Heijne bases its vision on personal fitting, personal preferences, on-demand production and quality.

Their ambition is to develop their concept so that customers are able to fit their garments online by mirroring a body size and shape on a 3D model. The offer will provide a fully customisable wardrobe with garment styles both for work and play.



Innovating the traditional product is always tricky, inducing risks both for the business owner and solution provider. Our first challenge was to develop a strong business model focused on custom-fit fashion that is made to look good regardless of size and body shape.

On the Tech side, we needed to create an e-commerce platform that is custom-fit to the business model while making sure that the user experience is simple and clear, yet introducing the customer to the complex world of custom-fit garments at the same time.

The main challenge was to solve the problem outside the box which no standardised e-commerce solutions could have addressed.

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To adapt the business model to the vision of Studio Heijne, we incorporated all possible and cost-effective solutions considering the focus on custom-fit garments and sustainable production. Once we have clearly defined the model, a custom-designed e-commerce solution was introduced, putting business and experience in front of technology.

This way Heijne was enabled to sell complex products in an easy and simple way, while we combined complex integrations with third-party channels and solutions, such as Facebook Business, Instagram and Google Shopping, Zalando…

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SEEBA has helped Wendy to bring her vision to life by creating the complete custom website for her studio. We haven’t only made an online purchase solution but introduced the entire shopping experience to her customers. Studio Heijne now offers a unique encounter that reflects its value proposition hence making optimal results for the business in general.

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