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Milo Trzcinski Global Growth Manager / Edisen

“Being one of the best in our industry requires having the ability to quickly implement complex changes, manage large amounts of content and constantly iterate the experience. And that’s exactly what our solution has allowed us to achieve.

Milo Trzcinski Global Growth Manager / Edisen edisen.com


Edisen is a global company specialising in communications, production, entertainment and MarTech. In the summer of 2020, Edisen became the main brand after the Chimney & One Vigor merger, combining a creative powerhouse with a tech company into what it stands for today, The Unskippable Content Company.

What Edisen aims to offer is the development of its proprietary tech platform combined with creativity. The content they create can be managed from inception to delivery through their worldwide collaboration platform. It can be optimised, adjusted, and improved in-market through cutting-edge AI. And that’s what makes it unskippable.

Edisen has put a signature on numerous award-winning movies, commercials and music videos for huge global brands, including Netflix, Absolut, Volvo, KFC and others, as well as artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Martin Garrix.



The challenge was to build a dynamic and highly functional website that would represent the power of Edisen and offer an outstanding experience for the visitors.

Due to the nature of the content, it had to manage a lot of heavy video content and provide the best possible performance from a tech perspective. Each component of the platform had to reflect the values of Edisen and visually present the message being spoken.

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Optimising the solution for quick video and image loading on different platforms and devices was the starting point of the development. We’ve built Edisen a platform that utilises an advanced caching strategy for faster data fetching and loading combined with advanced AI-driven search functionality that allows fast and easy content searching and indexing.

A headless approach that combines the versatility of an open-source CMS with the performance and agility of modern progressive web applications.

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The result was a creative, powerful and highly functional solution that isn’t just a company website, but a unique representation of what Edisen is capable of and why their content is unskippable.
By using the latest technologies, we’ve significantly improved performance, usability and user experience.

Easing the navigation and optimising the content loading enabled us to future-proof the result, which further allows us to constantly iterate, finetune and evolve the tools we use and the experience we provide.

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