The Road to Sustainable Growth

We provide complete support for business leaders in the digital
and analogue transformation phase.

The digital era is here and we are in a major transformation phase. It affects us all in many different ways, not least the companies. In order to maintain competitiveness, organizations must adapt quickly to maintain growth rates. A prerequisite for it is to have a well-planned goal, strategy and implementation plan.

Focusing on sustainability, we support our customers by developing business models and streamlining business processes based on experience, knowledge and using digital tools.

SEEBA acts as a business partner, a complete support for leaders in the digital and analogue journey that we all face.

Vi är din affärspartner

When do you need our help?



You are in a start-up phase and have an idea you want to realize, but do not have all the skills to get started and to develop the business concept. We support your business through a structured analysis of your business idea, identifying weaknesses and strengths. We can act as the external business partner/mentor or take full responsibility for everything you need to get started. 



You grow fast and everything feels great, but you are having difficulty taking your business to the next level. There are problems that you do not manage to handle. We help you at this stage by structuring the business and securing growth. We create sustainable processes based on a concrete growth strategy, business consulting and resource planning.



You have run your business for a quite some time but you are not satisfied with its development. You lack skills and need new energy to reverse the negative trend. Your company is lagging behind the competition and the result of this is reduced revenue and lack of profitability. We help you with the renewal of your business model and to streamline your business.


SEEBAs arbetsmodell

Our model is based on a combination of different elements in the form of knowledge, resources and tools that are incorporated into an existing process or activity where we together with the company manager/owner form a customized growth strategy. Our projects are ongoing until we have set the goal and we monitor results and support our customers throughout the process.





SEEBA Insights


User experience is the key to success

With the digital transformation enveloping all aspects of our lives, user experience is one of the most important factors that should be included in your business plan. To survive as a relevant actor on the market, one has to adapt to the digital world. At the center of this digitalization, resides the customer – the…

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6 steps to choosing your career

With thousands of options, how can you know what career is right for you? Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. So, how do you choose? You need to assess yourself, find out which professions suits you and your characteristics best, examine your options, and then choose the most…

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SEEBA is expanding its office in Sarajevo

SEEBA is expanding its office in Sarajevo and we are now looking for new talents! While the Stockholm office is responsible for business development in Scandinavia, our Balkan team delivers digital tools and works with business process support. SEEBA is growing and looking for new employees. We are looking for customer service staff and developers…

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Trends you need to integrate into your 2018 plan

The most successful companies make plans for the upcoming year early on. Which strategies will be most effective in 2018? Go through the trends listed below and see how they can be incorporated into your marketing plan to make 2018 as effective as possible. 1. Master micro-moments Mobile gadgets have proved to be a major…

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